New International Editorial Board member


We are deligthed to announce one new member to our International Editorial Board: Dr. Daniel Frías Laserre.

Dr. Daniel Frías Laserre is a Titular Professor of Entomology, Evolution, and Genetics in the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación (Chile). Daniel Frías Laserre is working on Diptera (Tephiritdae) systematics and ecological topics, principally fruitflies of economic importance. He earned his Ph.D. in Biology from the Universidad de Chile in 1981 under the supervision of Dr. Joao Stenghel Morgante. He has written for more than 40 refereed publications, and 10 book chapters. He has described 12 new species of tephritid fruit flies from Chile.

Bienvenido Daniel!


Víctor López-Martínez


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